What you must do to earn $ 5000 with affiliate marketing!

What you must do to earn $ 5000 with affiliate marketing!

Make $ 5000 with affiliate marketing is not easy, but it is not difficult. Because there are many people who makes around $3000-$6000 a month.

But no matter how good they are, they have struggled a lot to earn their first $500.

There is no common formula for success but there will be many different ways to reach it, affiliate marketer also has many tactics and tricks. One person succeeds in this way, and others succeed with the other ways. For example, my forte is content & SEO, many others are Paid traffic.

So, the experience I have below will answer to you the question: “To earn $500 first with affiliate jobs, specifically making websites and SEO, what goals must be achieved?”

First goal: Don’t just focus on affiliate marketing profit

The first time I set a goal is to achieve $ xxx / month but this goal is only a motivation for a very short time. It is a double-edged sword, because if we don’t have the desired result, it will bring certain negativity, from thought to action.

When I understand the nature of the problem, it is different, I thought a little further, the ultimate goal is to make money but have to ask the question: “What to do to earn money with affiliate?”. From there, the core goal will be found.

Now imagine the affiliate marketing form, you get affiliate links and promote, where does the money you earn come from? Is affiliate network naturally paid to you? Not at all, but from customers and suppliers who only share profits.

When a customer buys a product or uses a service through your affiliate link, you have a commission. You are the one who started later, so the fastest way is to see which previous people are working with the network, you can approach and follow, not go tinkering anymore. Some of the top affiliate marketing networks that I have worked with are: “Amazon, CJ affiliate, Shareasale, Clickbank, Jvzoo, …

So, not simply take the affiliate link to post a lot of places, make a sketchy website and post the article to have a buyer, if so, then too simple everyone can do it, if there is a little into fruit also depends on luck is the main. Think longer.

The first core goal here is to point the arrow towards the source of the money, which is the customer. You have to “solve problems for customers”:

  • What is their need => Offer appropriate products / services
  • Products / services have different types => Help them choose the right ones (Price / brand)
  • Issues related to the use of products / services

Affiliate means that you are standing in the middle, like a human being or saying “making a trigger”. You must help 2 parties: In addition to helping distributors get customers, you must help customers choose the right service / product. Temporarily put the profit on one side even though it is still the main purpose, but you need to understand the nature.

Goal 2: Reach the right customers

The reason I say there is a lot to reach the goal is because if you misidentify this, you will deviate, $ 50 will not be earned, let alone $ 2000. In affiliate marketing, when you help others, the results you get are not only profitable, but also include:

  • Customer confidence & Google => Increased visits
  • Your skills in separate areas increase => Can do even better
  • Can expand to other related fields => More Profit

The circle of results you receive will get bigger and bigger.

However, I supposed that if you have identified your first goal, you have come up with content that you think can make someone to buy your goods and use your services. So what do you do with these content?

  • Post on Facebook? If you have a noticeable amount of followers and you are trusted by them then this might be a good way to go. Unless so, this method might backfire.
  • Email an email list of thousands of people you download or buy online? They don’t know who you are naturally sending them an email, do they trust you? Even the Gmail system does not trust this and most emails will go to SPAM.

The best way for someone to trust your content is to let them actively find you. When you do good SEO and you have 1 keyword on TOP, many people can find your own content & read.

There is a faster way than SEO that is Google adwords but it is very costly.

Goal 3: Must be quite good in a niche market.

By reaching out, how to increase the trust in a customer when making an affiliate, rather than losing content. If you want to write content, you must have knowledge.

“Without knowledge, go hire someone” – FALSE! It is very difficult to hire a student to write and have a mind, especially to be knowledgeable about the field you are doing. So why don’t you split this work?

  • Good writing: You can hire people or do it yourself to save your budget if your writing is not bad.
  • Good knowledge: Compelling you to do it yourself, no writers go to plow your knowledge.

What you must do to earn $ 5000 with affiliate marketing!

You can hire other people to write, but you definitely have to line up the writer for what you need to write. In each section, what content will be analyzed, how to analyze it, etc.

To do this, you must be knowledgeable and quite good at what you are doing. If you start, you should study in the niche (Niche). And in order to be good enough to “stick out” others, you need time. Take a week to research the area you do the following:

Select a small field to make an affiliate (The field you love or have the knowledge available as well). Requesting that field must have products for sale & commissions of those products must be pretty as well as the need to purchase these products must be good (Go online to find Google Keyword Planner user guide)

If you do not know what to do, then go to Google to find “Niche List for affiliate”, you will earn several thousand options. Let’s look at a bunch of these choices which you like best or feel like doing the most.

Playing as a buyer in the field you choose, go to google to find keywords in English, see how foreign affiliate they do (From content, knowledge to presentation, how they promote product)

Goal 4: Website must be easy to see.

If you are a newcomer to fully access to making WordPress website & want to find hosting to make website, follow the order from easy to difficult: WordPress Managed Hosting => Shared hosting has Cpanel => VPS.

For the first time, please choose the easiest thing to do, if you choose WordPress Managed Hosting, you have more time to do other important things such as improving knowledge, writing content, SEO, …

If Choose VPS you have to spend a lot of time, in the first stage you do not need to learn much about technology.

Just readers go to your website => Seeing an easy-to-see interface, a neatly presented article, divided into easy-to-follow sections, is enough. You will take an extra week to get acquainted with WordPress.

Goal 5: Website must be on TOP.

Let me go through a bit from the beginning till now:

  • You identify the core goal is to help customers choose products / services
  • How must you determine in advance how to reach potential customers? As I am SEO, Adwords if there is a bigger budget.
  • You have to plow to get quite a good knowledge, or be knowledgeable about the niche you are doing.
  • You have to make a complete website, where you post content to reach customers

And now, to reach customers, your article must go to TOP. I do not recommend you just wait by posting on Facebook, spamming in groups or emailing rampant to seek luck. I want you to have a passive income: Every day someone comes to your website to buy products / services through your link.

There are 2 ways to get TOP to search: SEO and Adword ads.

Adwords are very expensive and not all products can run (More rigorous than Facebook) & very few affiliate products have the right amount of commission to run.

I always recommend you learn about SEO to go long. Think about how you know yourself and why you trust yourself?

For good SEO, you need:

  • Clear keyword research before writing content, buyer keywords is always the first choice
  • The content must be very quality, convincing.
  • Content must solve the problem of the keyword the customer searches.
  • Good internal links for navigating customers, in order to exit the exit rate, increase the time to stay on the page

To get into the TOP 5 of google search results, you need to do things that “other people can hardly do”

  • Knowledge: Stay ahead of your field, there are different types of content that other blogs do not have.
  • Link building: You need to create links from other reputable sources pointing back. Those resources must also have good traffic every day and high click through rates on your site.
  • Content Promotion: Combined with other broadcast channels such as social networks, building email lists, some areas can also build their own community, …
  • To increase the amount of interaction between you and your readers. Always make old readers come back to your website
  • Refresh content: Always refresh potential content on top

Knowledge of SEO is endless, but it is still possible because the ability to go up on TOP of the search result if you focus on a small niche. It’s possible to earn $ 500 after the first 6 months.

With affiliate marketing in the direction of content and SEO, the money you earn will increase over time, not decrease, because the trend of online shopping is growing and your website is growing, unless you build poor content.

Focus on quality, a website of 4-5 articles can also earn a few hundred dollars per month and more than a few dozen articles without making any money.


These are the 5 main goals that you need to try to achieve if you want to make the first $ 500 affiliate. When you earn that income, you’ll know how to earn $ 1000 – $ 2000 per month without anyone pointing it out.

Among the main goals there are many other small goals that when you experience it you will need to know what to do next. Hopefully this article will help you what to do next between a sea of information online.

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