Top paying affiliate programs for beginners

Top paying affiliate programs for beginners

Product Launch- one of the top paying affiliate programs

In this article, I’ll introduce you to some of the top paying affiliate programs for beginners. When making money with these programs, you usually make money by doing a product launch. Product launch is an online money making method of affiliate marketing.

But when we talk about Product Launch, I simply mean that you will become an affiliate for the products that are about to be released, which means you will promote those products, prepare everything so that when the product launches, yes buyers of that product via your affiliate link => You will receive a commission.

How are products coming out?

There are two types of products: Digital Product (Digital Product) & physical product (Physical Product). You can see other products at muncheye.com.

The product below has the following information:

Specifically, there are many different digital products, most of them are: Courses, software, WordPress theme / plugin, tool, ebook, …

And when choosing which product to do, you have to plan how to launch on the launch date. Then you will be able to promote that product to many interested people and they buy products through your affiliate link.

Why is there a 100% commission?

Because any seller sells goods, they never sell a product, but after having a customer brought by you, they sell a lot of hidden products by creating a sales funnel.

And when researching to make PL products, you should go to view their sales funnels, such as:

  • Front End: The first product of the funnel, usually they will give you a very high commission on this product, as the image is 100%
  • OTO 1,2,3 (One Time Offer): The product comes with, supplemented or related to the first product, usually you will get 50% if the customer continues to buy, or in marketing also call here is Cross-Sale (cross-selling) or
  • Upsell (selling an upgrade of the product)
  • Downsell: If the customer refuses Cross-Sale or Upsell, the seller continues to give them a cheaper option (like a trial or something missing), and you still get the commission if the customer Continue to buy

Now you understand why many resellers give you 100% commission in the Front End product. Because they need customer files to sell the hopper behind, & more importantly, they build their lists (customer lists). Later they will have other products, they will advertise to previous customers that will sell a lot.

Also, in addition to selling their own products, they also do affiliate marketing like you, they will promote quality products to the customer files you bring, bringing them a lot of profits. That’s why high-volume product commissions, up to 100%, sometimes have 200%.

What is product launch network?

Already an affiliate marketing, it will have to have a network, a third party provides an affiliate operating system to ensure benefits, provide sales tools, minimize the risks that occur between two parties: Product creator (Vendor / Advertiser) and product promoter (Affiliator / Publisher)

With the product product launch method, I recommend the following networks for you to choose:

  • Jvzoo: I recommend starting with this network.
  • Warrior+: created by Warrior Forum, but the product quality is lower
  • Clickbank : Popular network

Newbies should start with Jvzoo because the product is not competitive and the registration process is quite easy and they even accept beginner. You can register to become an affiliate here for quick acceptance. Warrior + products will be harder to sell, or Clickbank is more competitive. The products that the Muncheye site uploads are usually those sold through these three networks.

For example, on Jvzoo, there are products that sell up to 106,500 copies, each priced at $ 27 – $ 47, and try multiplying it to see how much you can earn. Quite a lot, isn’t it?

How to promote products?

Product Launch is the product that will launch quickly in a short time, then depending on the Vendor (the creator of the product) will decide to continue selling or stopping, if the next sale, it will definitely cost more than price in  launch period (Wait launch usually from 5-10 days)

Choose the right product!

This is the first thing you have to do, if the product is made up of an unnamed person, less likely to be sold, then how much effort you have will not be able to sell or sell very little.

The trick here is to go to the network, find the vendor name (the creator of the product) to see if their sales history is good? If the products before they sell 250 or more, they can do it.

Also new people do not choose high-priced products, it is fine for under $ 50.

Make website, write content, SEO.

During the launch of the product or previous product (Prelaunch), product creators and their partners, major partners promoted many products through channels, especially email and Facebook.

Ussually, before buying anything, customers find a review or more information about it on Google. Based on this feature, you can write (mainly hire someone else to write) about the product you want to get commission, then post it on the website (Mainly made by WordPress).

SEO is a form that you must do so that when customers find product names or review products on Google, they will reach your website.

Email marketing.

During the development of product launch website, you will make many different websites on many products or if you are good at SEO, you can choose the form of making only 1 website and reviewing many products. At this time you can use the Onpage Marketing forms for better sales.

Email marketing is a popular form, easy to deploy. When customers visit your website, give customers something free regarding the product being sold as possible. Then send them an email to send the gift, and also market the product you want to sell (Can say they buy the product will be added a number of other valuable bonuses from you)

In addition, during the PL period, you will “collect” a large amount of emails from those who received your bonus, you can email them about the HOT products that are currently launching to sell many products.

Is product launch difficult?

This is a question that new people always ask when they first know about Product Launch and the answer also depends on the person doing it, depending on the ability of the person to do it.

Product Launch is related to website development is quite difficult for people who are weak in informatics, this form works with foreign markets, so it also interferes with weak people in English.

The above two problems can be solved, there is one more important issue is SEO, you will have to find SEO self-study materials on Google, because when you do the forms of website development, you must learn about SEO. I recommend this article to learn about keyword research for your website.

Advantages of the top paying affiliate programs

When you do PL, there will be many affiliate affiliate who work with you, but this form still has many REAL advantages important for a beginner, I will help you realize this:

Does not require much capital.

You can start working as Product Launch for $ 0 if your English is good and you understand what product is in the field. You can create a free blog with wordpress.com, start a blogspot to create a website.

But I do not recommend using free blogs, you should have your own hosting and domain to make the website more professional and increase the ability to compete with rivals. Read more articles to use Blogger or WordPress to find out why.

The cost of making a website with WordPress is not expensive, only about $ 1 / month. Find out a number of quality hosting and how to install at your top international hosting 3 article.

And when you do PL the first products, you should hire knowledgeable people to write a review better than you write yourself. So, in total, prepare for $ 50 to be able to do PL, this cost is quite cheap compared to other MMO forms, for example Nichesite ($ 200), Authority Site ($ 500).

You will have very good affiliate platform

Product Launch is a form of Affiliate marketing. If you make product launch, you can go deeper into other forms as I mentioned above. Product Launch will help you get the most basic skills such as:

  • Choose promotional products
  • Create a blog / website
  • Use hosting and domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Basic SEO

In general, if you can complete a PL product promotion process, you will have many basic skills which are very important to MMO.

Less frustrating

For example, if you make a long-term website like Authority Site, you need to take at least 6 months to make a profit.

When you do it for a long time, if you improperly make your website get penalized by Google, your keyword or even your website will no longer appear on google.

Authority Site is a potential form of MMO, but I’m sure over 90% of people who give up because they are frustrated or don’t have enough capital to support the site.

Learn about online marketing

If you do Product Launch with Jvzoo, Warrior Plus or even Clickbank, you will get acquainted with a lot of products in Internet Marketing. Before doing PL, there are many ways to promote products that you do not know but when you make Product Launch, you will know, even learn & follow very well.

Upgrade your affiliate website to an Authority Site?

When you have solidified a “one product website”, you can start working on a “multi-product website”, which is called Authority Site. Authority Site is much more profitable than single site, because if you build a strong website then the keywords are very easy to rank high on google. Which makes your work easier!

And you just need to create a website instead of creating multiple websites, saving more budget.

If you do a lot of work at the same time, you have to work harder & have to invest a lot of time to raise your level and the chance to earn $ is also higher.

Why make money with these top paying affiliate programs?

Based on the information I have analyzed above, you can answer the question: ” Why should you make money with these top paying affiliate programs?”

The answer is :

If you have little capital or you have too few skills in the affiliate segment want to step into this path you should do Product Launch. From then gradually go to Authority Site or Niche Site. As I said above, Product Launch gathers many basic skills that you need to experience before stepping up to more difficult levels.

The flourishing period of product launch has expired but does not mean Product launch does not bring great benefits to you. You fail with the first 1-2 products that can’t say anything.

If you can’t do a lot of things at once, you can start with 1-2 products and then go to your hands to be able to do a lot more, develop to a higher level.

Tips for newbies

Affiliate marketing has always been a sustainable and reputable MMO path that we recommend.

Product Launch is never out of date, every day there are many new products launched and you can promote. I only mention digital products, doesn’t mean you don’t care about physical products.

It is important that you choose good products. The creator of the product must be reputable and the history of sales is good. You should not promote people who you do not know.

Your learning spirit and working attitude determine your success, in any field, if you do something, do it until succeed.

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