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Famous affiliate network

Affiliate marketing is what hook me up with making money online in the first place. It has helped me to paid off my college tuition and travel part-time. This article will help you better understand how to start affiliate marketing, what it is, and why can you earn up to $10000 a year with affiliate marketing?

Without further ado, let’s start.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is an online money model that you will promote products for businesses (maybe individuals) to get commissions.

When you register to promote products, they will give you a separate link (This link works to record your customers), any customer who clicks on your link, they will go to the page. Sell ​​products, and when they buy products, commissions are charged to you.

The commission you receive depends on how specified that affiliate program is, a simple example:

  • Amazon has affiliate program commission from 4% to 8%, because they sell physical products, raw materials and production processes expensive, so roses can not be high, to compensate for huge purchases every day.
  • Clickbank has affiliate affiliate program 50% to 100%, because it is a digital product, almost all products made with gray matter cost nothing, but much less than amazon.

In short, affiliate marketing is the method you register with a certain website, with the desire to sell products to them and receive commissions.

What is an Affiliate Network?

You only need to register as an affiliate with affiliate network, after being approved, you can log in to the network and see there are many products from many different advertisers. Depending on your abilities, interests, and experiences you can choose to promote any product, and you will also be provided by affiliate network for a separate link.

All data, commissions, payments, … from your campaigns will appear on the interface of the affiliate network.

Famous affiliate network I recommend

You are the one who started later, so the fastest way is to see which previous people are working with the network, you can approach and follow, not go tinkering anymore. Some of the top affiliate marketing networks that I have worked with are: “Amazon, CJ affiliate, Shareasale, Clickbank, Jvzoo, …

JV Zoo is one of the easiest network to register as an affiliate. You can register as an affiliate here for quick acceptance process.

Newbies should start with Jvzoo because Warrior + products will be harder to sell, or Clickbank is more competitive. The products that the Muncheye site uploads are usually those sold through these three networks. For example, on Jvzoo, there are products that sell up to 106,500 copies, each priced at $ 27 – $ 47, and try multiplying it to see how big the profit is.

CPA Affiliate Marketing Model

As you can see, affiliate marketing is a way to make money online without products, regardless of handover and customer support.

This is an ideal start for those who are new to marketing. You only need marketing to get a commission and don’t need to worry about many other important stages such as goods, warehouse, shipping, human resources, delivery, support, …

In addition, there are affiliate marketing programs that do not necessarily require customers to buy goods through your link, you will receive a Cost Per Sale (CPS) when you help advertisers get customer information. The potential is that you also have a Cost Per Lead (CPL)

For example, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, fill in the advertiser’s available form (For example, a consultation form, an account registration form, etc.) so you have a commission.

While commissions may not be as high as CPS, CPL is quite easy to bring in commissions, when customers don’t need to pay any fees, conversions are easy to happen.

What to prepare for affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a form of money that I think is not difficult and not easy. It is not difficult that you can access this form quite quickly, and as I said the sales process has been shortened, your job is to promote the product only to have customers buy through your link.

It is not easy that you do not know how to promote how to be effective, your goal is not to stop selling only a few tens of thousands of days a commission, which must be several thousand, tens of thousands of dollars per month. And not many people cannot find a co-affiliate with affiliate marketing because of the lack of 2 things:

  • Thinking
  • Mindset

In addition to having a passion, the most important thing is that you have to have a serious attitude to work, this is not only a form of helping you to earn some money, but it can help you make huge passive income.

It is about mindset, and the skill you need to make money with affiliate is a lot. Here are some skills that can help you succeed with affiliate marketing.

  • Create a website with WordPress: Don’t worry if you don’t know code. A tutorial on making a website with WordPress can help you.
  • Learning SEO: SEO is the job of putting keywords on top of Google search results, this is a major way to get Free Traffic. Over time, it gives you a stable and long-term income without needing to invest if you do well.
  • Learning about paid traffic: If SEO is too hard work for you, and you have a lot of capital. Then you can use paid traffic, for example, run Google Adword, using Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, …
  • Learning a little about website design like CSS, HTML will be better in the process of working. But if you do not know how to code, it is okay because the WordPress source code is also optimized.
  • A certain course on Affiliate: The work of making money at home with affiliate is not easy to start, if possible, find a prestigious course and community about this field to study. However, many affiliate courses are also very rampant, even people who have not earned money opened a course to teach others. So, be careful.

If you have a little investment, you should use this affiliate marketing tool and copy my method to make $3000 a month. This is the tools that doubled my income with affiliate marketing.

With this automation tool, all you need to do is:

1. Tell the system what affiliate products you want to promote
2. Add some push button traffic
3. Watch the system grow your list and sell your affiliate products for you!

Step by step how to start affiliate marketing and make money

What you need to learn, you start looking for that and practice it according to your inquiry. But I know that new people have a lot of surprises and don’t know what to do. So I will outline the preliminary steps to make money with affiliate as follows:

  • Select affiliate network & register: Please read the affiliate network above, I have suggested many reputable networks for your reference.
  • Choose products and get promotion links: Based on your strengths and interests, choose one or more products. But you must know the potential if you promote that product as well as the quality of the product.
  • Analyze promotion: How do you consider your product? How to promote it? Do SEO or run ads, or do marketing funnels, or incorporate a variety of promotional ways?
  • Designing websites: This is something anyone can do, if you don’t know, check out my free online tutorial.
  • Write content (content): You need good content to convince customers to buy products by directing users to click on the link.
  • SEO Onpage: Optimize your website so that you have a good user experience and a search engine friendly
    SEO for a long time
  • Social Marketing: especially Facebook will also help you have a decent amount of commissions
  • If you have capital, create Adword and Facebook ads
  • Create landing page, implementing email marketing campaigns, you will have potential customer data to promote many other related products.
  • For those products with high commissions, you can conduct retargeting campaigns
  • Optimize your profits and scale

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