Paypal buyer protection for shopping online safety

What is paypal buyer protection

Paypal is a popular gateway used ofter by buyers these days, I often use it to receive money from making money online, buy overseas products or when I want to transfer money to friends. Paypal claims they help protects buyers when shopping online. So, what is paypal buyer protection and why it’s necessary when shopping online.

Maybe you are also interested in Paypal but do not understand what it is, how it works. This article will help you understand from A-Z about Paypal fee, Paypal accounts.

What is paypal buyer protection? 

What is paypal buyer protection is the world’s largest online payment gateway. You can use Paypal to buy goods and services, transfer money to friends. You can also receive money via Paypal and then transfer to your local bank.

The most common currency is USD. This payment gateway help to make purchases, payments and receive money among countries convenient and is used worldwide.

They always aim for: Safe & convenient. After more than 20 years of operation, this payment platform is used and trusted by hundreds of millions of individuals & businesses.

They have reached 250 million active users in 2018 & traffic volume is nearly 150 billion USD.

Paypal purchase protection


Quick and convenient payment

When shopping online on internation ecommerce websites, you just need to choose Pay with Paypal, you pay quickly and it ensures the safety of your information.

Get & transfer money for free

Between personal accounts (friends, relatives), Paypal allows you to transfer and receive money at no charge.

Wide network

Nearly 80% of foreign online shopping websites integrate Paypal payment gateway, you can easily see support icons from them.

According to statistics, there are nearly 90% of online stores on Shopify platform use Paypal as the main payment gateway for customers worldwide.


But nothing is perfect, this payment gateway still has some disadvantages:

High transaction fee: If you sell or send money for commercial purposes, the fee for the entire transaction is 4.4% + $ 0.3. (For example, sending $ 100 will cost $ 4.7)

Is it safe to use Paypal?

If you do not use Paypal for a dark purpose but only use it as a payment gateway to buy international online goods or receive money from reputable networks when making money online, Paypal is extremely safe in the transfer & Get your money.

Account security?

Are you wondering if your money is safe?

The answer is that they have hundreds of millions of users, and no one has ever been able to complain about their account security mechanism.

Paypal requires you to create a qualified password, including letters, numbers & special characters. In addition, when you register, you will be required to ask for 2 security questions and PINs to provide when you ask for assistance.

What is paypal buyer protection

Safe transaction, good support

I know there are a lot of people who want to have worries about buying goods on foreign websites but are afraid of making payment but the goods are not received.

Paypal has support mode for Buyers (buyers like you) are extremely good. If the seller does not send you the goods, you can open Dispute in the Resolution Center to appeal, and your money will be safe.

Is there a fee?

All payment gateways have a free and paid mode, no payment gateways are completely free. As follows:

Personal transfer

If you use Paypal to transfer & receive money from individuals, friends send to each other, family members send to each other, they always offers the form “Send to a friend:

With this option, you will be free. However, only send it to people you trust.

In some cases, if Paypal records the email address that you send with unusual signs, abuse of sending friends mode for no charge but the purpose of re-use is to sell your account then the recipient’s are easily flagged or locked for 180 days.

Use Paypal for payment

If you buy goods online on websites, click on the purchase payment buttons or when sending money from Paypal home page with Pay for Items / Service mode. However, this fee will be charged to the seller, not to you, so don’t worry.

Receive payment

If you sell goods, click the payment button or someone sends you money with a payment method, Paypal will deduct you 4.4% + $ 0.3

How to pay for services

Pay by account balance

What is paypal buyer protection

When you make payments on shopping sites, if your account balance is sufficient, you can pay with your account balance.

Withdraw from your Debit/Credit Card

If the balance in your account is not available, you can choose the payment option by charging the money directly in the VISA card linked to yourl account.

So in order to be able to pay this way, it is imperative that your VISA card has enough money.

Now the system will automatically deduct, you do not need to re-enter VISA again.

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