Earn up to $2000 a month with product review websites

Earn up to $2000 a month with product review websites

I believe you are familiar with Affiliate Marketing to make money. To earn money with affiliate marketing, there are many ways to promote products to get commissions. But product review websites is one of the most effective methods.

Building product review websites is easy but understanding how people use it to make money is not an easy task. Simple put, we will write a review about the product, then do SEO for that review to be on top so that customers can find information about our product review and purchase.

Get in-depth information about product review

You must write yourself or have someone with prior knowledge write the review for you, because you need to do the information research work and penetrate the knowledge of the product market you intend to write.

So where is the product information you have to find? There are the following sources for you to research information:

  • Website of product manufacturer. Currently implementing a website is almost essential for every company, manufacturer, product supplier. At their home page, you will find the information you need to know about products and brands.
  • If you are an Affiliater for Amazon, there will be all the information you need.
  • Learn from Google the “competitors” of that product, by this you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product you are doing, what’s more interesting than other products with the same function.
  • Salepage (sales page) official product. Especially with Affiliate Marketers as digital products, people are really interested in Salepage officially the products that the sellers create, at the sales page will have all the information, demo videos, the characteristics, the benefits of your products.
  • Read the review of other websites. Of course, the big world ofAffiliate Marketing is growing, then surely a product will never be alone, there are many other good reviews of other bloggers you should read for reference.

So, with the information sources you have found, if you have good research skills, gather enough information, you can move on to the next stage to form a perfect product review.

Need to touch the readers’ emotion.

Currently, Affiliate Marketing is more and more developed, the more competitive it is, the more people do it, the more certain factors you have to make you different from them. Your website, evaluating your product must also have elements that make you stand out more.

Besides, think about some practical issues such as: increasingly smart users and they will also be more and more boring with Affiliate Sites that always say good and beautiful products, not giving them a point of view. , practical perspective on deciding whether to buy this item or not.

It is about users, but on the Google side, Google does not particularly like Affiliate sites that only take advantage of users who buy products, click on the affiliate link to eat roses with 500-word reviews, or 600-700 words. You do not provide real useful information, you self-exclusion from Google. (Read more about thin content)

So, you need to differentiate yourself from boring review articles, instead, you should type in buyers’ psychology with a variety of methods, and techniques like copywriting, create empathy, zoning objects, creating bridges, …

You have to make sure that when the customer enters your review page they can see “this is the information I need to find” and have a high rate click on the affiliate link and then buy, not go find the information at other affiliate websites.

Keep reading the following items, I will show you how to apply step by step to the review article.

Overview Box – add it now!

If you’ve ever read many reviews, you’ll notice a table called a product summary that is usually placed at the top of the page or the top of the review.

The World Affiliate Marketers all acknowledge that, Overview Box is one of the components that increase the best conversion rate on the page.

Everyone is always busy and has little time and most of them are not industrious enough to read the information. So a quick statistics box of what you need to know about the product at the top of the page is what you need if you want to get their attention.

There are 2 main uses of a Summary Box that you need to know:

Keeping up with a Searcher’s purchase is in high demand. It is always fine for these people to call them Buyer, because they are almost just in need of a good view of the product that will make a purchase.
Quick statistics on product overview reviews and give readers a CTA button to click from the beginning.

Example of another full Summary Box includes at least 6 components as shown (see picture carefully):

product review websites

  • Is a short sentence to determine the product and its intended use.
  • The star rating is below each outstanding feature of the product.
  • Statistics Pros & Cons (Pros and Cons) of products. You should put in at least 2 disadvantages of the product so that readers can get the feeling from the beginning that your article is not a biased review for the product to eat commissions.
  • The most common short review of the product. Point out your most common views, within 1-2 short paragraphs.
  • Call for action CTA.
  • Price of the product.

An overview of the product review can be done easily with support plugins like AuthorReview or Thrive Content Builder.

Engaging with readers with “personalization” techniques

If in step 1 you have made a good impression on the reader and they continue to scroll down to read the content, now is the time to use content marketing techniques to make your review different. different from other competitors.

Remember, users search for information to find answers, solutions to their problems. You have to keep them from taking your eyes off the review.

For example, you can create a close-up feature, problems you have encountered and how the product has resolved for you. So you can connect with the reader, which is a way for the reader to see their image in your language.

Those who want to buy products, they do not search the keyword “Name + review” just to read the preeminent features of the product, the information they consider on sale page is even more beautiful in your review. .

Which they want to read, that is the experience, the instruction from you, the introduction from you that the product features have, help them solve any specific problems.

How appropriate is the application of cohesion and sympathy with readers in the product review? I will point out 4 factors you can apply to the review article to ensure this property:

  • Use friendly tone: Your text should be as close as possible, and use a style of dialogue rather than besieging readers with a scholarly speech or lecture. Only the tone of dialogue will help you keep them and continue to roll the mouse and read the content. Show them, they come here, and read your share to help them solve the problem.
  • Share your problem: Tell a story! If you say a key of successful Content Marketing, every Marketer will answer that is the technique of telling the story of “Story Telling”. Before you mention the product, tell them about your problems before and after using this product.
  • Emphasize your negative emotions when there is no solution from the product: Ask them questions like “Do you feel like me, it’s truly terrible …” Something like that, you are real this way bringing them into your emotions when you need a solution is buying products.
  • Use every possible factor to prove you are a real person: Why do they have to look for reviews? Because people want to read the experiences and evaluations of real people, not from the brand itself.

So always remember to use your personal pronoun “you” and let the real person image, some personal image you can get. This is also a valuable factor in “personalization” techniques when doing Affiliate Marketing.

Analyze the potential customers of the product.

I take for example you are trying to review a weight loss product (a tool to help find Influencers in specific Niche to reach them for business purposes or White hat SEO). You should probably start with a sentence like: “If you are struggling to loose weight…”

Here, you have localized the potential object with such a preamble. If you do a good job in Stage A that is deeply researched about its product and market, you will be easier to identify this potential customer.

The benefit of step 3 is to help you have good potential customers: easy to understand, because right from the beginning, if they are not the bright candidates for the feature of the product being reviewed, they will immediately leave the site. No need to read further.

Introducing solutions to solve readers problems

At this point, the reader has almost entered your control area. They have identified their problems to be solved here and trust your suggestions to help them improve the situation.

You will provide information such as what the product includes, what features it can help you with, and what good results you can expect from using them.

A little bit of my suggestion is, depending on what product you do, if it is a digital product or items that can be demoed, this section you can make a demo demo video with every use of it. .

If you use video, put it on YouTube and I’m sure, you have a lot of traffic from this source. However, it is difficult for you to do a video review if you are not an expert or you do not have a good expression.

Create a bridge between features and benefits

You can build a story in which each feature of the product has been resolved specifically, if you do not do this, you also do not use a way to make a Bullet Bullet point out all features of the product. but please do the following.

With each feature, you give it a Sub-headings. Then you continue to have Bullet Points or a small paragraph about the benefits this feature brings through your experience and conclusion.

This method will help you get the “Case study child” hidden in the review article. It offers the following two advantages over a regular review:

  • Help readers visualize how it works as effectively in practice.
  • Provide real value to your readers, build their trust from your words

Social Proof- The reader believes the evidence

Your review will be much more convincing and will make them believe in buying more if you have Social Proof or Testimonials.

So you will need convincing evidence from one of the following sources or possible combinations:

Reviews and quotes from other users. You can easily find these reviews from customers at the sales page (if any).
Review of “Power Users”: these can be called influential people like Bloggers, Special Reviewers in certain Niche, you can completely cite their reviews.

Offer alternative products

The fact that you are at the bottom of the article provides readers with a few other options that will help you do two things well:

Increasing sales: If readers still feel that something is not okay with the main product, they may have alternative options at the end of your introduction. They will then switch from the question “Should I Buy?” To “Which one should I buy?” “Which one should I buy now?”
Demonstrating fairness and unbiased review: By offering readers alternatives, you will make them believe that you are not someone who tries to lure them to buy roses to sell.

Use a variety of Call To Action.

In your review, you should have at least 3-4 Call To Actions. You should not surround the reader with the call button “Buy It Now”, “Buy it, buy it quickly”, so it is very offensive. Maybe they quit your site right away.

Opening at the Summary Box you already have a call-to-action button. Next, you should allocate them and use a variety of calls like:

  • “Try the [product name] for free trial”
  • “Learn More About [product name] here”
  • “All Information You Need To Read Now”

Using the bright CTA button color, the call should be bold and stand out from the background color. So your CTA button will work.


To build long-term online business, mastering Copywriting or Content Marketing is a must. Follow my guide above and you will start earning your first income in no time.

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