What you must know to make $5000 monthly with affiliate marketing

What you must know to make $5000 monthly with affiliate marketing

In this article, I will help you “brainstorm” some problems, help you shape the best mindset if you want to make money with affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of online business similar to a collaborator model.

With this form, you can find product distributors that have affiliate support, register and promote their products. Once customers buy the products, you will get commissions.

For example, after you open an account & get approved, you will be able to promote any product on this platform. When a customer buys through your link, you will get a commission.

You can create a separate link (called an affiliate link) for each product, and bring this link to advertise via website, chatbot, paid traffic, native ads, email … or whatever channel you define.

When a customer buys a product, uses the service through your link, you will receive a commission.

Advantage when making money Affiliate Marketing.

The first and most important benefit is affiliate marketing, which helps you make money without giving up the effort to create products or without the service available.

There are many affiliate networks with thousands of brands, you only sign up for an account and choose a campaign that you think you can promote it well. For example, Commission Junction or Shareasale is the world’s number one affiliate network.

The next benefit is the ability to make money with affiliate marketing is extremely high. In the US many people reach an affiliate income level of over $ 100k per month. I didn’t believe these numbers when I started, but when I actually say the result from my friend with my own eyes.

Some blogger millionaires specialize in affiliate you can follow are Pat Flyn, Harsh Agrawal.

Other advantages are when you make money with affiliate marketing:

  • You can work anywhere like other forms of online money, with just one computer with an internet connection.
  • No need to take care of customers (or very few), no need to worry about shipping and handing over products to customers.
  • Can start with low cost, even with a few hundred thousand, you can invest time, effort to learn and start making money with affiliate marketing
  • Diversify options: Many affiliate intermediary networks grow and they are also the ones that bring affiliate marketing popular, refer to shop owners, retailers, …

Thus you will have a lot of products to choose from in many different niches, both short and long term. When making affiliate via network, all payment issues, performance statistics will always be transparent => Make you feel secure.

Ability to replicate, passive income: When you become an affiliate and know how to make money, your skills are enhanced and you can replicate what you do, hire management team.

If you are a passionate about online business, you can say, affiliate marketing is a form of “doing business” very safe & without commitment. You only focus on promoting products, other complex functions you don’t need to care about.

Steps to Make Money Affiliate Marketing

To promote a product / service so as to have customers, we have many different ways & do not have a common formula for all business models.

Affiliate marketing is the same, there are many ways to do & have the first revenue stream. However, I will be able to briefly outline the 4 steps to making money with affiliate as follows:

Identify promotional products

Currently there are many different affiliate networks, domestic and foreign.

International: CJ, Shareasale, Amazon, Rakuten, Clickbank, etc.

Analysis & promotion planning

This is an important step, but most of you do sketchy so don’t get good results.

With affiliate marketing, although you sell other people’s products. However, you have to consider it as your product, then you have the enthusiasm for promoting it.

So you have to analyze carefully the following things; ‘

  • Products with high or low commission
  • Who will sell the product to, what their needs are
  • Drawing the portrait of the customer (avatar), the journey of the buyer (buyer journey).
  • Whether the product is good or not, there are many users
  • Is competition high?
  • The main direction to get customers interests

If you make a website and SEO, choose which keywords. If running ads, which target is it, ..
What kind of website niche?

From what you have analyzed, you will have a specific direction and carry out the promotion according to the direction you have drawn.

For example, low commission physical products are unable to run Google Adword or Facebook Ads ads, it is best to choose a more economical way to go like SEO (search engine).

Act according to the available direction

If you build a blog to earn affiliate money then set up first, like learning how to make websites with wordpress, how to research keywords & build content.

If you choose ads by running ads, start with the two most effective advertising platforms currently being Facebook & Google.

Optimize, measure, replicate, manage.

This step only happens when the aforementioned 3 steps succeed.

With affiliate marketing, if you already know the formula to make money, you can expand it, optimize the results to bring you more profits.

Once you have a lot of capital, you can outsource to shorten the working time and give you passive income.

Free traffic vs paid traffic

In section 3 you can see that you are talking about SEO or advertising, and these are the two directions to make affiliate marketing.

SEO is a popular form of free traffic (Free access to customers)) used by publishers is quite popular in making money online.

  • Free traffic: SEO, take advantage of social networks, chat bots, email marketing
  • Paid traffic: You choose a network that allows you to run ads & buy impressions or clicks from those platforms: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads, Bing Ads, …

Toptenreviews is a super big money affiliate marketing site in the international market, they aim at free traffic.

So if you do affiliate, which form of promotion is more effective? Free traffic or paid traffic?

There is no common answer to this question because the choice of promotion depends on many factors, the type of product, product price, commission and your understanding of the product. .

I have the following examples:

You can’t bring a physical product for $ 100 on Amazon, a 5% commission to promote on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, .. because you will definitely lose compared to the money running ads. For physical products, it’s best to choose SEO and build nichesite. With digital products, you can choose free traffic or paid traffic. Because profit margins are usually very high.

So choose a method that is based on your understanding to choose, you can study what your previous “competitors” are doing to promote the product and follow it. That is the simplest way.

Required attitute when doing Affiliate Marketing

Failure is what “most” new people meet as an affiliate, I am no exception. Not only did it fail once, but this hateful thing came to me many times.

When it is successful, it is not necessary to do anything to succeed, but there are always the first failures for new directions.

Success will come to you when you fail n times. This number is how much depends on thinking and attitude plus 1 bit of your luck as an affiliate marketing.

As affiliate marketing, you are building business seriously for yourself, but with business, even on the online environment as well as in the real world, risk is inevitable and the risk always comes with losing money.

Affiliate marketing is a form of making money online is not difficult but not easy. If you are successful, you will receive rewarding results, so cultivate your thoughts carefully to get started.

“Personalize” trend in Affiliate Marketing.

Talking about the trend of buying customers when they are learning about buying certain products, they will often find the experience of those who have bought and used it before (reviewers).

They will be more confident than judging by experts in the field they are studying.

These beliefs are much more than believing in advertisements from brands they are considering.

This feature will facilitate the affiliate to develop in a “personalized” trend, which means you will be more of a reviewer or a superior person than experts in your field.

From there, you can promote products / services easily to customers.

If you follow this direction, you can deploy many types of content:

  • Review products / brands
  • Compare products / brands
  • Instructions for choosing the right product according to demand
  • Report poor quality products
  • Tips, instructions for using the product to be highly effective

For example, Money Saving Mom is a personal blog of Crystal Paine, she shared with other moms how to save money, personal financial management skills, from which to make money in many different ways, including affiliate marketing.

Readers will also like and trust blogs like this more than general information websites.

However, not everyone has enough in-depth knowledge of what they are doing to develop websites, blogs or social profiles in this form because if you want to be an expert, then your knowledge must be strong.

So you will have to “invest in knowledge” first.

You must be knowledgeable about the market you are working on, the benefits, benefits, and disadvantages of the types of products you intend to do, so you can develop in a “personalized” way.

This “personalized” form is difficult and does not have many documents, but its potential is extremely large, if you do well, customers will come back to visit your site and make a purchase. more times.

“Personal Model” is a trend from 2015 onwards with the appearance of many “personal” blogs and of course they become an expert in certain areas, and a destination for many customers. close.

They take a time to research all that is related to their field (as this is a time to study and sharpen knowledge), then they will share their knowledge to everyone, And people trust them, the more knowledge they have, the more they are trusted. And many other forms such as health, travel, beauty, farming, etc. all appear to be experts and they can all make money with affiliate.

“Personalization” is a trend to make money with affiliate marketing that will continue to be popular in the near future, and you can also turn your blog and website into “personal” style rather than 1 General information page too.

You will “die” when you only promote your product. Google has become much more intelligent, Google knows what you are doing with your website / blog.

For example, if your blog is only for making money instead of bringing useful knowledge to readers, Google will not appreciate it. Google’s goal is: Push websites with useful knowledge for readers to read, pull “high self-interest” websites or crawl down.

So if you only review, evaluate, compare products and place affiliate links, your website will no longer be appreciated, even thin content and lost. (Algorithm focus on thin content)

The solution here is: 20% advertise, 80% must be shared. Sometimes in the beginning time, you will only completely share.

The more you share and the more useful google finds your website, the more customers trust you and buy whatever you refer to as an affiliate, or your product.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Affiliate is not difficult, not easy, undeniable, there are many people who have good thinking, success and high income with affiliate marketing everyday, and you will probably achieve success with this segment in the future.

With the market expected to be over $ 8 billion in 2018, and this number is constantly increasing over the years, affiliate marketing is always a lucrative way if you have the key in hand.

If you have determined to make money with this form, you must accept many initial challenges. Your mission must overcome itself, not expect anyone.

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