Can you really make money at home!

Can you really make money at home?! Must read for beginners

Making online money at home has always been a hot topic, a trend that is sought and pursued in the present & future. I realize that there are many young people who have the ability and want to start making money online. However, instead of embarking on “real battle”, some of you still have many concerns.

These people are afraid of being scam and because they don’t have prior knowledge about digital marketing. If you are still wondering and asking these questions:

  • Is make online money at home difficult?
  • How does the process work?
  • Which factors affect the results?
  • Can i really make online money at home?

You will find the answer after reading this article.

3 groups of people when make online money at home

In fact, make money online (MMO) is like a profession, but any job has good people, people can’t do it. The more technology is developed, the more income-generating jobs on the online environment are encountered.

For many people, making money online seems too easy to see results. But there is no shortage of stomping cases from day to month.

Group 1: Genius

These are you who have the nature available to MMO, like “natural”, born to do this job. In addition, they also have factors that contribute to better work such as English skills, computer skills, computer use proficiency, good thinking, ..

People in this group are often very quick to work with MMOs or business. However, in reality, they have to know that they are suitable for this profession, not naturally.

Group 2: Normal people

This is the most common group, they are very ordinary people: Not sensitive but not slow. Their progress in learning and work is nurtured by passion and hard to “enter into” instead of just watching.

Perseverance is what helps them create achievements with MMO. Starting can be $ 100 / month, then progressing to $ 500 / month or several thousand dollars / month is easy to see.

I know there are many friends, at the beginning of the round 0, it can be a lot of proof with MMO over time and can build a professional business. However, as the rules of life, the number of people who fail, or earn not much, still dominate.

Group 3: Weak & slow

This is a group of people who are weak in initial skills and are also slow to acquire new knowledge. For them, learning something new is very difficult and difficult.

But that does not mean that this group of people failed completely with MMO. In contrast, there are many cases of passion, willing to pursue to the end and reap a lot of results.

Which are you belong to?

If you are a beginner to learn MMO, then you cannot answer this question right away. You will never know whether you are suitable for a certain area or not until the time you stumble into experience, living with it for a long time. MMO is similar.

There are quite a few people who are confident of their ability to rely on their academic achievements from a young age but only sit to learn MMO 2-3 days, every day a few hours to start thinking about giving up.

On the contrary, many of you don’t excel, but seriously learn from the zero. After a while, I feel like I’m born to do this job. So, to know if you are suitable for MMO, there is only one way: Learn, practice & eat and sleep with MMO for a while. And you will have your own answer.

I’m sure most of you will find it hard to get your first income. But when you get it, you have your own recipe, you will think of a way to optimize & scale up very quickly. These are the formulas you draw yourself and no “secret” course out there can teach you.

To help you better understand the difficulty of MMO, I will take 2 typical examples of 2 popular MMO directions: Free traffic & Paid traffic

What affects your success?

If you have seen 2 online money making processes that are very popular, prevailing. What do you think is the most important factor in success with MMO? Certainly it is knowledge and skills of Digital Marketing.

For example, 2 ways to make money with the affiliate that you mentioned above – SEO or running ads are all Digital Marketing skills.

The same thing happens if you do other things, for example you want to make money with YouTube, you need:

  • Research & find out which direction to follow
  • Which keywords are popular on YouTube for that niche?
  • Should optimize video to have more views
  • Branding strategy for channels

All that is Digital Marketing. And when you have this knowledge, you can apply it to make another form very quickly with results.

For example, my roots are affiliate marketing, but when some form of MMO is a trend, I can access it quickly and profitably. Thus, the key thing and the most influential to your success is the knowledge and skills of Digital Marketing.

So when, when you do any form of MMO, you can determine which form of MMO you will go through, which ones you need to experiment with to know if that method works? Or how to change?

So, is digital marketing difficult?

In order to make the process of making money online or business easy & the results come earlier, digital marketing skills play an important role. Under my view, digital marketing is not easy but it is not difficult if you are a sensitive individual, or just need a certain enthusiasm in pursuit.

You can imagine, digital marketing is like a subject and there are many chapters inside. You will approach from the most basic concept, then each chapter is a different skill such as:

And as said from the beginning, in any subject or field there will be good people who are not good. But at the very least, you have to learn & practice before you know whether you are suitable or not?

How long do you need to start?

If you are planning to research & do MMO for about 30 minutes or 1 hour a day like many solicited “divine” courses, I recommend you abandon that thought.

This will cost you more money & time to learn. Because it is so little time and people with real determination with MMO never spend less time with their passion.

I recommend at the stage of approaching MMO, you need at least 3 hours per day to start. Spending as much time researching a field will help you gain more knowledge in that area, so your chances of success will be higher. If you sit an hour a day, watching as your opponent only needs to do 1 day, you will have a 1 week work performance.

Cut down the extra time on social networks, watch movies, listen to music, coffee, milk tea … Although it is entertainment, enjoy life but only limited. You need to determine what is the key to making your life better in the future.


Make money online is feasible and can help you make a fulltime living, there are many ways for you to get started. Learning digital marketing, continually improving your skills and practicing are the keys to make your steps more solid in the process of making money online.

Is it easy to make online money at home? This is a question that each individual will have different answers.

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