Double your blog income with Viglink - Monetise blog with affiliate marketing

How to use viglink [Full guide to double your blog income]

In the previous article, I have shared with you some affiliate programs for bloggers to make money. With this  Viglink review article, I want to introduce you to a network that you can use to increase income from blogging. Some may wonder what is Viglink and how to use viglink to earn money. Well, the imfamous VigLink affiliate program, is an intext ad and affiliate marketing network that can help you double your income from blogging.

What is Viglink- How to use viglink

Like other affiliate networks, VigLink is also a link between Merchant (supplier) and Publisher (marketer) through affiliate marketing activities (affiliate marketing).

If this is the first time you’ve heard of the concept of affiliate marketing, I will quickly explain it to you: When you introduce readers to a product, they will click on your affiliate marketing link and move to the provider website. When they buy the product, complete the order as prescribed, you will receive a commission.

That is how other bloggers make passive income through affiliate marketing on blogs and social networks.

How to use viglink

Check out my guide to make money blogging for beginners if you haven’t started your website yet.

Special features- VigLink review

The VigLink network is different from other affiliate programs for bloggers because it is an intext ad network. This means that the VigLink network automatically converts all the characters on your blog / website into affiliate links of affiliate marketing.

You probably don’t know, GoDaddy is also participating in VigLink. If you have a website or blog, once you sign up to VigLink, if any of your article have the word GoDaddy, Viglink will automatically convert all those words into affiliate links. When readers click on that link, they will be moved to GoDaddy, if they end up buying a product you will get a commission.

Meanwhile if you join, ClickBank, Amazon, JVzoo … then you must get the link of each product and put it in yoru article where you want. This is the difference of an intext ad network!

Register VigLink to monetise blog with affiliate marketing.

To register for a VigLink account, please click on the button below.

How to use viglink

Register for Viglink herefor quick acceptance

The homepage of Viglink appears, click Sign Up to register


Double your blog income with Viglink - Monetise blog with affiliate marketing

Enter your info and press SIGN UP

After receive an email from Viglink, please open it and click on the verification link.

So the account registration has been completed. Please log into the system to install

Click on Install and then you only need to get the Javascript code and place it on your website (before the footer </body> tag) from which it becomes automated.


Viglink is one of affiliate programs for bloggers that is extremely simple and effective to monetize your blog because everything is set up automatically. Especially if you are using along with other affiliate marketing networks, it doesn’t affect your income.

Or if you are making money with Adsense on a blog, then signing up to VigLink to increase your income from blogging through affiliate marketing is a very effective solution.

Sign up for VigLink here.

If you have already registered, how are your experience with this network? Please leave your comments below this article to share with us your experience!

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