How to make IG reels tutorial

How to make IG reels tutorial in 6 easy steps

As Instagram Reels is a new feature of Instagram, some of you may wonder how to make IG reels that attracts viewers. The IG reels app is similar to TikTok to create interesting and attractive short videos. Thay both have the options to choose to insert audio, text, and special effects to record videos with beautiful filters on Instagram. In addition to creating Reels videos ourselves, we can also watch videos that other Instagram users uploaded. In this IG reels tutorial, I will guide you step by step how to to make IG reels videos.

Why do you need to learn how to make IG reels

IG reels app allows you to create short-form videos, with 2 options of length of 15 and 30 seconds. This new feature of Instagram is a new opportunity for you to grab your audience’s attention. No matter of what niche you’re in- you need to grab your audience’s attention. Where everybody share images and long clips, some shorts and fun videos will definetly stand out.

How to make IG reels

IG reels app may seem complicated since it’s still new but they really are easy to use!

Step 1:

How to make IG reels tutorial

Go to the Instagram app on your phone. You select the plus sign box in the upper right corner of the screen > Select the Reels item in the toolbar below. You will then see Reels mode to proceed with creating the video. Press the Start button to proceed with the video recording. You will now switch to video recording mode on Instagram Reels.

Step 2:

First of all, click on the clock icon to select the video recording time and the countdown time when recording the video. Press the Timer button again to select the time. Select the music note icon to select the song you want to insert into the video. Enter the song name or song keyword in the search bar.

We click on the song name to use. In addition, you can also save the song you want to use for later video recording by selecting the movie icon in the middle of the screen. Next we choose the music we want to use for the videoand click Save audio file..
Step 3:

Next you can insert effects for the Reels video like when recording a regular Instagram Story video. Select the pen icon to choose the effect if you want. Finally press the center button to proceed to record Reels video. Besides, you can also record video with audio speed: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x. After you have tweaked all the options. Finally press the center button to proceed to record Reels video.

Step 4:

After recording the video, you will see the video displayed below, click on the video to edit. Click the scissors icon to select the video you want to cut to use. Click Shorten to select the video you want to cut.
Step 5:

Next, you can add text, stickers, gif files, brushes, etc. like on Story Instagram. Continue to click the Share button below to post Reels video articles or share more in your Story. In this interface you can change the Cover Image for the video, click Add from Gallery to load another cover image you want.

Finally press the Done button to upload Reels video to Instagram.

Step 6:

Video Reels is uploaded to Instagram and is also available in the Reels video store. In the video, click on the 3 dots icon to display a list of options.
The options list has many settings for Reels videos that you post.

Some tips to creating Reels with “millions of views”
Creating Instagram Reels is not difficult, but to create eye-catching and interesting movies, I suggest focusing on some of the following tips:

  • Use high quality videos/clips.
  • Find your own niche: Cooking, funny short clips, makeup tutorials, etc.
  • Pick music for Instagram Reels that captures your audience’s attention.
  • Combining both photos and videos into Reels will be more interesting.
  • Choose the right music for the video or you can also record your own video.
  • You should take advantage of filters on instagram to make the video color look more attractive and eye-catching.
  • If you don’t have someone to help you, don’t forget to select the timer mode on the toolbar!

Filming Instagram Reels is not difficult? You just need to focus on one niche and make interesting or useful content.

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