Is it easy to make money savvy online?

Can you really make money at home!

Make money online has always been a hot topic, a trend that is sought and pursued in the present & future. I realize that there are many young people who have the ability and want to start making money online. However, instead of embarking on “real battle”, some of you still have many concerns. You are probably afraid of failing and loosing money.

In this article, I will show you some money savvy methods to help you get started without being afraid of failing. If you are still asking yourself these questions:

  • Is making online money at home difficult?
  • How does the process work?
  • Which factors affect the results?
  • What does it take to be a money savvy person?

You will find the answer after reading this article.

How to be a money savvy person?

Make money savvy

In fact, make money online (MMO) is like a profession, but any job requires a certain skill or personality, some people might be suitable for MMO, while others might not. The more technology is developed, the more skills are required to make money online.

To see if you are suitable with making money online, you can read and find out if you have the skills needed to become a money savvy person.

Group 1: Genius

These are people who have the nature skills to make money online, like “naturally”, they are born to do this job. In addition, they also have needed skills that contribute to success, such as computer skills, analytical thinking skills, perseverance, etc.

People in this group are often easily adapted to new trends and technology, therefore, they are good at doing any types of business. However, in reality, you need to constantly change and learn new things to adapt to the ever changing technology and business practices.

Group 2: Normal people

This is the most common group, they are very ordinary people. Their progress in learning and working is nurtured by their passion and work ethic.

Perseverance is what helps them achieve good results with MMO. Their starting income can be $ 100 per month, then progressing to $ 500 per month or several thousand dollars per month.

Many of my friends and colleagues, at the beginning, they earn next to nothing, but after a year or so, they can build a successful business and hire more people. However, as we all know, there are many people who fail to make money online because they lack the skill and patient.

Group 3: Weak & slow

This is a group of people who are weak in needed skills and are also slow to acquire new knowledge. For them, learning something new is very difficult and they don’t want like changed.

But that does not mean that this group of people failed can’t make money online. In contrast, in many cases, people with passion and willing to pursue to the end reap a lot of good results.

Is it easy to make money savvy online?

If you are a beginner to MMO, then I cannot answer this question right away. You will never know whether you are suitable for a certain area or not until you put work and effort into it. You need to turn knowledge into experience, MMO is also similar.

On the contrary, many of you are a complete beginner to make money online, but you seriously learn from the start. After a while,you will feel like you are born for this job. So, to know if you are suitable with making money online, there is only one way: learn and practice for a while and you will have your own answer.

I’m sure most of you will find it hard to get your first income. But when you get it, you will find your own strategy, you will understand the process to optimize & scale up. These are the formulas you need to learn yourself and no “secret” course out there can teach you.

What affects your success?

What do you think is the most important factor to success with MMO? Certainly it is knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing.

For example, if you want to make money with YouTube, you need to:

  • Research & find out which direction to follow
  • Learn which keywords are popular on YouTube for that niche?
  • Optimize video to have more views
  • Learn branding strategy for your channel

All that is Digital Marketing. And when you have this knowledge, you can apply it to make another form very quickly and see good results.

For example, my main source of income is dropshipping and print on demand, but I can still apply my marketing strategy to blogging and affiliate marketing. Thus, the key thing and the most influential to your success is the knowledge and skills in Marketing.

Tips to make money savvy

In order to make the process quicker see the results sooner, digital marketing skills play an important role. In my opinion, digital marketing is not easy but it is not very difficult.

You can imagine digital marketing is like a subject and there are many chapters inside. You will approach from the most basic concept, then each chapter is a different skill such as:

And as said from the beginning, in any subject or field there will be a certain skill or trait needed. But at the very least, you have to learn & practice before you know whether you are suitable or not?

What do you need to be a savvy money person?

If you are planning to research & learn how to make money online for about 30 minutes or 1 hour a day from courses, I suggest you think twice. To be success in making money online will cost you much more money and time.

I recommend at the first stage, you need to spend at least 3 hours per day to start. Spending as much time researching a field will help you gain more knowledge in that area, so your chances of success will be higher.

Cut down extra time spending on social networks, watching movies, listening to music. You need to determine what is the key to making your life better in the future.


Make money online is feasible and can help you make a fulltime living, there are many money savvy ways for you to get started. Learning digital marketing, continually improving your skills and practicing are the keys to make your steps more solid in the process of making money online.

Is it easy to make online money at home? This is a question that each individual will have different answers.

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