Highest amazon affiliate commission, easy to earn!

Highest amazon affiliate commission, easy to earn!

If you mention Affiliate marketing, people will immediately think of Amazon affiliate marketing by Amazon. It is the first successful affiliate marketing model on a large scale and continue to be successful till today. So what is Amazon Affiliate Marketing, how to earn money with amazon affiliate commission? How to become an amazon affiliate and choose amazon affiliate store?

I’ll start off by explaining what is amazon affiliate marketing and how to earn up to $3000 amazon affiliate commission per month.

What is amazon affiliate commission?

Amazon Affiliate is a marketing program that allows Publishers to make money online through the marketing of products on this e-commerce platform. Affiliate Commission will be paid once you have a successful order.

Amazon is now the world¬†largest e-commerce platform with a versatile retail system. The products that Amazon offers are no longer confined to the field of books as they started, but have expanded to many other areas. The prestige and quality of products on this exchange helped attract a huge number of customers from many countries around the world. The number of people participating in Amazon’s Affiliate to earn Amazon Affiliate Commission is also increasing.

Guide to making money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose Niche

The official name of Amazon affiliate marketing program is Amazon Associate. If you want to join and make Amazon Affiliate Commission from this program, you should start by choosing your niche.

Niche or Niche market is simply the niche market. Always remember a basic principle in doing business that resources are always finite. You cannot promote all products, but you need to choose a niche, where you have a predominant advantage over other Publishers.

Choosing Niche will decide on product selection and sales content creation. Selected products should be in the Best-selling category, you also need to choose carefully the amazon affiliate stores. The advantage of marketing the Amazon Affiliate link is that you will have a huge toolkit to support product and market research therefore earn the highest Affiliate Commission. These are “follow-up” services when Amazon is so big that just a small part of it is enough to create jobs for many businesses.

Famous product and market research tools can include:

  • Synccentric: select products and analyze data
  • Ecomspy: Analyze opponents, find profitable items
  • SellerChamp: finding products and optimizing prices, automatically completing orders, …
  • BigTracker: statistics and revenue analysis, finding goods and niche markets
  • E-com Solution: Warehouse management, profit calculation, support to find business items, ..

There are also many other tools to help you make money with the amazon affiliate. Many bloggers also share a lot of related articles about choosing Niche and analyzing products, you can refer to these articles when choosing your products and your amazon affiliate stores.

2. Site settings and content creation

Creating a website to make Amazon Affiliate can be difficult for some of you who don’t know much about technology. You can ask or hire a technician to help them handle this step. Or you can use web platforms that support the most for management like Shopify, Wix or as simple as WordPress.

After having the website will be creating content to attract potential customers. The choice of Niche will be directly related to content making for your website and SEO optimization. If you do not choose a Niche from the beginning, it will certainly be spread and cannot appeal to users and your sales opportunities will be reduced. Creating this content you can do it yourself or outsource, a new website will need about 20 posts to get started.

When making money with amazon affiliate you have to invest a bit of advertising to pull customers to know your site. You also need to support pushing SEO keywords up faster (Google Adword advertising).

3. Create Amazon Affiliate link and promote

Looks like I haven’t mentioned anything about registering amazon affiliate marketing right?

Actually, it is not too difficult to register an account for affiliate marketing on Amazon Associate, you just need to be careful to fill in the information and payment section to avoid the trouble of receiving Amazon affiliate commissions.

Back to the writing section, sales articles will often be interspersed with other articles. You can create an independent entry for it depending on the type of product. Suppose you sell goods to baseball enthusiasts, you can make your own store items and upload them products like hats, shoes, baseball sticks, gloves, …But if the product you choose is a complicated product, a tutorial article with Affiliate link is needed.

In order to speed up the making of Affiliate Commission on Amazon, you can use advertising. But when should you use advertising? You need to consider the following factors:

  • Products must be hot products (need to research products)
  • Products with average value, buyers easily make decisions
  • Need to test ads before raising the budget for advertising.

4. Optimize for Amazon Affiliate Site

Whether making Amazon Affiliate or any other type of online money you need to be responsive to market information and constantly changing to optimize the system, optimize content, optimize the experience , convert,…

The larger the scale, the more important it is to keep track of the data. We can use our sense to evaluate when the site has only a few products, or a limited number of orders.

But once the Amazon Affiliate Site grow to thousands of products and orders every day, you’ll have to have statistics and reviews. Therefore optimization is extremely necessary.

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