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Make money building niche websites: 6 sustainable niche sites

Building niche websites is the most popular way to make money online. If you know how to do it well, this method not only helps you to have a regular income but also brings you long-term incomes.

If you have never developed a website before, or you are new to make money online, this article will help you find out what you need to do step by step till you are familiar with building niche websites.

First step for building niche websites

At first, the thought of “website development” is pretty scary for me. I thought it is very difficult to make a website because I need to learn code, etc.

But after a bit of search, I realized that an amateur can completely make a website, there are many ways to develop a professional website without having to know website development or coding. You can read my article and build a website in 30 minutes.

The two most popular platforms are Blogger and WordPress.org, so which one to choose? This is a quite common question, I have also asked such a question and after trying both, I have chosen WordPress.org.

To find out the cause, here I will emphasize some main ideas.

  1. Blogger or WordPress.com is free and customizable, but if you don’t know coding, you won’t be able to edit the marketing support functions and do SEO. Meanwhile WordPress.org with many professional plugins saves you a lot of time.
  2. If you choose Blogger, your data will belong to Google and Google can delete your blog at any time. I have been deleted from Google by the website for no reason even though the article is written by myself and does not violate anything.
  3. Great WordPress community and online marketing experts have many marketing guides on websites that you can follow. Your goal is to generate income online, not that you are learning code, so WordPress is the perfect choice.

Moreover, the cost to use WordPress.org with private hosting + domain is currently very cheap, you can get your $ 1 / month preference here to get started (Get a professional domain .COM / .NET).

However, if you want to make money online, making and choosing a website niche is not enough, you have to do more steps, but the first stage is very important to determine what kind of website you want.

Choosing and building niche websites

There are many types of websites that can help you make money. In this article, I will help you list all the types of this website.

1. Ecommerce Site – Sales website

If you are selling online or planning to do something in Vietnam, if you do not make a website, it is indeed a big disadvantage.

If you have a website, you can implement SEO campaigns to have a huge source of customers from Google, which can help customers find products more easily, place orders right on your website easily.

You can run remarketing ads with customers who have been to your website, they are all potential customers. Just like you can deploy email marketing on your website to make your brand more professional.

You can see, brands are big and reputable, they never ignore sales channels that “can own themselves” like websites. They even have a separate department to do these things. If you sell small or medium, you can do it yourself.

2. News website to make money with advertising

The news website is never outdated, every day there are many new news and trends.

Try accessing a number of news sites like bloomberg.com, nytimes, bbc.co.uk, … then you can see that they place Google Adsense, Facebook Audience Network, or other ads from other networks. .

They have very large hits, maybe from Fanpage, maybe from Google and when visitors click on the ads, they will receive money, the bigger the read news, the more synonyms will be clicked. The ads show up, and they get more money. So you can see a lot of pages on Facebook that are very interesting to catch views for websites.

(But the core is that readers have to click on ads to receive money, the view is also counted but very little. And you do not try to cheat thanks to friends or click on yourself, there are currently a lot of software from Network advertising can detect your behavior and your advertising account will be locked, or you will not receive payment)

If you have a large Fanpage or have specific tips to navigate visitors from Facebook or any other source, its’ a great idea to make a website.

You can develop daily news in your native language, but English is better, because clicks from developed countries like the US, UK, and European countries are worth up to a few dollars per click depending on the industry.

Mashable.com, for example, has a turnover of over $ 700,000 per month thanks to Google Adsense, not counting revenue from other media support campaigns. When visiting this website, you can see adsense ads placed in many places.

To make money with news website, you have to update your website every day. Because the news will get old after several days. If you have a newly build website and still want to make money by placing ads, then I suggest check out these Google adsense competitors since Google only accept complete website with big traffic.

If you have less capital, you can create a website by yourself, later you can hire someone to write articles, build your own content team. If you have a lot of capital, you can invest in a professional system.

3. Nichesite / Authority Affiliate Site

Making money with Affiliate Marketing will still be a MMO trend in the future when this is a quite safe choice for those with online business driven mindset but with less capital.

You don’t need a product, you can get someone else’s product to sell at an attractive commission, even two types of websites can bring you passive income because you don’t need to care about handing over. products and customer support.

The only thing you need to do is promote via website channel (or through paid channels if the commission is high), but if the website gets top with shopping keywords (buyer keywords) there is a high search turn, income of you will automatically.

Speaking of Nichesite or Authority site, people with MMOs can think of Amazon now because Amazon is the e-commerce site with the largest number of buyers in the world.

Nichesite means creating a website that specializes in certain areas, such as a website about vacuum cleaners, specializing in evaluating vacuum cleaners, comparing vacuum cleaners together, instructions on choosing to buy a vacuum cleaner, … so a website like this we will call it a micro-nichesite or, in short, nichesite.

The Authority is a bigger site, making it harder but income is much harder. Because of the niche towards the Authority Site is a big niche, such as electrical appliances, household appliances, tools and devices to support games, beauty, weight loss, ….

4. Affiliate Single Review Site

Make money building niche websites

This is a type of affiliate website to make money but evaluate independent products, like me, I will choose digital products to make this type of website because digital products often have high commission. About the form we will have 2 options:

Short term Product Launch

These products are prepared to be launched. On the day the product was released, the people who created the product will sent an email to advertise and place advertisements in many places, so a lot of customers would go to google and type in the “product name + review” to see the reviews.

So you can make available website review and SEO to top google to get traffic from the product launch date.

If your website has good reviews or gifts for customers when buying through your link, customers will not hesitate to buy through the product via your link.

Long Term Product Launch

It is also the product launch product, as stated above, but you will choose the “Long Term” product which means the product is sold for a long time, all year round. If you SEO up the top Google will certainly have a year-round sale, not like launch products in the short term.

Video Maker FX, for example, is a professional video production product that has been running year after year, Spin Rewriter is a software that helps spin articles to sell extremely well every year,

Or a lot of products on Clickbank Network that you can choose to sell all year round not only products about internet marketing but also many products about health, education, beauty, …

The advantage of this type of website you can fully realize, it is profitable year-round, but the downside is that it is very competitive, must be good SEO, or use good advertising can sit on top google when customers search, or build their own customer file.

5: Nichesite / Authority Site Adsense

It’s still Nichesite and Authority site, but this time I’ll talk about making money with Google Adsense. Remember, with this type of website: “The more visits you make, the more money you will earn”.

We will create a website on a topic of interest, specific examples, a website about Bulldog dogs, for example, this dog has a great amount of interest in the whole world.

Evergreen Content: Means content that has long-term benefits, such as “bulldog dog selection guide”, “bulldog dog training guide”, “bulldog care guide”, … “, in general, all Content types that people can search on google to read information about bulldog. With this type of content you have to invest extremely in SEO to attract visitors from Google for a long time.

The video is about two bears going into the house being chased by a bulldog. Interestingly, I think not only bulldog breeders but also many people who don’t raise this type of dog will also share this information.

With this type of content you will mainly pull visitors from social networks, mainly Facebook. At first you can create a page, a bulldog dog example, the page name can be Bulldog Latest News, then run the Facebook ad for the original page.

Later, post some highly contagious content. Or in some way you can attract visitors through social networking to your website to read the news, this is your own skill, I will not guide in detail in this article.

By combining these two types of content, if you do well, you will earn a lot of money with Google Adsense and / or other netword ads.

You should build an English website because clicks from countries like the US, UK, … bring very high profits. And if you do well, plus optimizing your Adsense ad position, optimizing CPC types, do you want to be poor?

Especially when building sites like this, you will be able to earn money with affiliate or sell T-shirts for customers accessing your website.

6: Shopify Store Site

With the development of technology, you can now sit at home and sell goods in the US, EU without entering the goods, this convenience is absolutely real.

Shopify is a famous overseas website creation platform, you will create your own store based on this platform. Shopify has many paid interfaces and apps available to support your sales.

For example, if you want to sell T-shirts, don’t want to sell through available platforms like Teespring, Viralstyle, Teeship, Printify, and so on. If you want to build your own brand, you can use CustomCat, Teezily Plus, Represent, Teelaunch, .. for sale via Shopify Store.

Or you can sell any item, Amazon has FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service to help you store goods and ship goods to you, with Shopify you can use Amazon app.

Or you can buy a higher price (Dropshipping). I don’t specialize in building store overseas, so search for the relevant sources on Google yourself to learn more.


Above are 6 types of websites you can choose when building niche websites that can definitely help you to make money.

Especially, pay much attention to affiliate marketing, because this is an ever-growing form, everyone will have the opportunity to do business online without having to worry about product issues.

However, with any form of making money online, you want to make a lot of research and analysis carefully, choose the best method for you and pursue it to the end.

If you just started with building niche websites, I suggest you leanr how to choose micro niche website for quick results.

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