5 easy ways to make money from amazon affiliate without website

Affiliate marketing without a website, earn $2000 a month.

Many of you have asked me how to make money with amazon affiliate without website. Therefore, today I will write a tutorial on how to make an regular income from Amazon affiliate without building a website. These methods are proven success by many other bloggers, and even by myself. After this article, you will not only find the answer to your question, but also lots of examples on how to earn up to $2000 a month from amazon affiliate without website.

Build a personal brand on social media

Many people have succeeded with this method when doing affiliate marketing without a website, especially products in the field of beauty and health care. You can see on the current social media platforms, there are many fashion bloggers who earn a fulltime income using only Instagram and Youtube. You can start a facebook or Instagram page or open a pinterest account. These are some free platforms to attract followers and make them your future customers.

If you notice, live streamer can be seen as an extremely effective form to sell products nowadays. You only need to have a sample product and review this product to your friends on your personal page, and share the Affiliate link so they can buy and bring you a commission.

The most important thing is that you have to have lots of friends and followers, it depends on your personal branding ability. How do you locate yourself? A girl who always stay up to date of many fashion trends or a humorous person … Your positioning yourself will determine your customer groups and from there you will choose products to promote accordingly.

Use Youtube (Product Review or Share)

Similar to way to earn money from affiliate marketing without a website is to use Youtube. You will  need yo put the content on YouTube. On YouTube, you can deploy more diverse content. Content will not depend too much on you personally, but on subject, by field.

The audience on YouTube is not limited to any field. You can sell technology products, health care products, cosmetics, travel services, …

Content on youtube if you do well can be spread quickly and completely free.

In addition, if you want to promote this channel, you can use ads to increase the view for videos. Link Affiliate you can insert in the legend or link to lead customers to Landing page where you will close the sale.

Create groups, fanpage to share discount codes

Many of you have asked me how to make money with amazon affiliate without website. Therefore, today I will write a tutorial on how to make an regular income from Amazon affiliate without building a website.

The need to find discount codes is very large when e-commerce platforms are growing and there are many promotions on Shareasale, CJ Affiliate, … every month with discount programs. … Most of the revenue in the market are from these e-commerce platforms so you can confidently promote these products without a website by potential object is extremely large.

The key point when you implement this model is the quickness of information. The incentive programs usually limit the number of people, so whoever is quick will have an advantage.

You can search for a few groups to share big discount codes and refer to how they work to draw their experience when deploying.

Use Email Marketing

Using Email Marketing is completely free and easy to earn money from affiliate marketing without a website. However, to be effective, your customer data must be quality. There are now a lot of tools that allow you to scan your customers’ emails on Facebook, which you can use in conjunction with screening customers to retain your most potential customers.

Email marketing is often used as a funnel to lead customers to the landing page, where you will close the sale. You can then combine using Remarketing with advertising to increase customer conversion rates.

Advertising on Facebook and Google

This is the most commonly used type with high value product lines (also high commission level). Affiliate often uses advertising to run for financial campaigns or CPO campaigns to earn the highest commission from affiliate marketing without a website.

However, to use ads for these campaigns, you must know how to “circumvent the law”.

Usually, you will need a Landing / Prelanding page to increase your conversion rate. Whether you choose to use Facebook or Google ads also depends on your Affiliate product. Let’s make a simple comparison between these two types of ads.

1. How to operate:

– Adword targets objects based on search queries and often returns search results that deal with or address user needs.

– FB Ads are targeted to the audience based on behavior and demographics, interests, …

2. Who should use:

– Adwords: if businesses want to focus on increasing sales, attract leads (potential audience). GG focuses on improving the user experience so the quality of ads and websites is especially important. If you are a new business, medium budget and simple goals, then Adword is a better choice.

– Facebook emphasizes coverage on social media. Facebook not only gives you insight into the target audience, but also nurtures the community that is concerned with the customers’ needs. It’s is a strong foundation in word of mouth marketing: word of mouth.

Also Facebook often fits simple items and needs can arise easily.

These are the 5 most commonly used methods of doing Affiliate Marketing without a website. Which type is more suitable for you? If you are implementing any form that is not as effective, try out these methods and see how it goes.

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