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how to build affiliate marketing websites

This guide is for those who have been and are wondering what types of blogs that make money and how to build affiliate marketing websites.

Developing affiliate marketing websites to make money in a certain area based on free traffic sources are all about keyword research, content development & SEO. Once you have the right set of keywords in hand, what you need to do next is deploy what types of content will be needed to bring back the profit for the site.

If you only hire writers and throw the keywords and let them write in general, you will not bring in any conversion or value from those posts.

But don’t worry, in this article I will suggest to you 6 types of blogs that make money.

1. Top list

The first is the post format that brings about a high percentage of CTR (click through rate) from users on Google search page & achieve good conversion rate.

The top list content is highly customizable for many keywords. Don’t misunderstand that only “top X best” keywords are written in this form.

Top list content is the article that we have statistics, top * numbers * products / services / tips / …. Anything that you find useful is based on keywords, and you want to introduce them to customers.

Here I will divide into 2 types of top list content:

1. The first is the type of top list content that is commercial:

As the articles we will introduce, statistics to readers of the best products based on a certain characteristic or attribute. The purpose of these articles is that you will make money through it, the content is intended to lead readers deeper into the purchasing process, promoting them based on a list of the best products.

For example: “Top 5 clothes washing machines”

2. The other type is the content top list that is useful for sharing information.

About 60% of keywords in your keyword set can be written as top list. Not to force it to be commercial.
You choose the appropriate keywords, put them into the title is a good top list. For example: “Unveiling 5 simple, effective home whitening tips”, “The top 6 secrets to remove wrinkles in the eye area are sure you don’t know …”
These will be content that provides valuable information, training and sharing for readers. At the same time, you can be skillful, direct readers to the content of introducing / evaluating products to make money.
You will be very easy to rank for the article top list information and bring about more initial traffic for the site. This is always good for SEO.

Review (review) products

20% of the total products you sell will bring in 80% of the revenue.

Similar to affiliate, 20% of all running campaigns will bring in 80% of profits to continue scaling.

Initially developing content for the site, pick out the top 20% of the best-selling potential products, and write a review for those products.

When an individual performs a Google search with keywords that find out which product is good, .. etc., they are quite deep in the process of buying goods (buyer journey).

Usually the reviewers are satisfied, they make a decision to buy. They only went back to find other content when the review was not convincing enough.

For this type of review, you will be slightly more expensive than the other two types of articles. The required length ranges from 1500-3000 words depending on your investment level.

Format the content for this type of article is also not complicated. Your review will need to include the following:

  • Introducing the product
  • Product features.
  • Why choose this product and not another product? Each product that the supplier launches has always had “preeminent” characteristics to create a competitive advantage.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of products. Of course, it is always for the advantages of playing more land, but you have to have a bit of a product disadvantage to show the reader that you do not cut the wind.
  • Review overview from you.
  • Conclude.

You should consult, learn more about the layout of content from international websites to apply appropriately for content on the site.

Your own success story (Success story)

I am confident that you and countless others often believe in those who have experienced a product / service rather than empty theoretical articles.

Especially with an individual’s success story – both the process of obtaining results, what they experience, what they use, the intangible “products / services” introduced create a credibility. quite big for readers.

Personalization trend in digital marketing is not new, but there are still much waiting to be fully explored.

When readers visit the website and receive the sharing from the author himself on the right issue, they will be very interested, attentive & listen to the recommendations.

These contents will be very inspirational, as well as attract prompt action.

This type of article will be easy to implement in the niche such as: Health, physical, beauty, ….

Tips, tricks

Regardless of the niche, you need to build articles that focus on providing value to readers & creating useful website according to Google.

Tutorial/ informative content is not commercial, it only serves as an addition to navigate traffic. But if you want your website to have a high degree of trust, you cannot ignore it.

These are the articles you post on the site to guide how to do, manipulate, or share tips, tricks, useful information related to your niche.

These may be issues that you often encounter yourself, need to see instructions for better use of the product.

It is easy to recognize articles of this type, titles often have familiar phrases such as: “Ways to …”, “How to …”, ” tips …”. To develop content for these types of articles, you need to base on the type of information keyword that you have garthered when doing keyword research and develop content that is often searched in your niche.

Case Study (Customer success story)

If your success story will be difficult to apply to all major brands or brands, the success story of your customers will be an effective choice with equally positive effects.

These are the articles that aim to share the experience and journey of an individual (customer who uses the product) from the problem person until improving the problem.

This type of content is regularly deployed by big brands:

With the power of persuasive ability and the distinct properties of the case study form, this content gained great interest from readers.

However, writing this type of content is not easy.

In addition to spending enough time to understand the information, features, and highlights of the product, you need to put yourself in the position of the user, who has problems that need to be solved.

In addition, if you are a salesperson or a affiliate marketing product, you can collect customer feedback information, click back and add the article to increase testimonial.

Comparison – Website content comparison

In a niche that you do, there are many product lines, many brands are selling the same item.

Therefore, Comparison forms (comparative) will bring objective information to help readers choose the right product they really need.

Therefore, when you have these types of content and carefully invest in them, conversion rate will be improved tremendously.

The content will focus on comparing the main features, the advantages of this product that the other product does not have. Or you can compare brands & other characteristics depending on different areas.

And there is one thing I recommend that you should not ignore when building comparison articles. That was the Comparison Chart.

For example, compare the characteristics of 2-3 products that serve the same purpose. But there will be products with this feature that other products do not have:

Regarding the use of the comparison chart, you can see what Toptenreviews are doing, this is a super professional site that has a big revenue from affiliate marketing.

This is a comparison chart of them, marked by 10 & month points, and attached affiliate link in the chart.

With comparision chart, you will select the typical products in the niche that you do. From then choose different factors to compare such as brand, type, design, weight, size, rating, support, etc.

Depending on the characteristics of each niche, there may be more comparisons of factors that only that niche will have.

WordPress has a lot of plugins that allow creating tables, very nice and professional comparison review chart. The beauty of the comparative article is that you can easily navigate the reader and gain credibility for your website.

This has just prompted the decision of customers to buy goods happening faster. On the other hand, it helps with keyword ranking for SEO.

Comparison is also a high commercial content, directly bringing you revenue from affiliate or business.


I just went through 6 types of blogs that make money with affiliate marketing, these types of content all contribute to your revenue.

If you have determined to do so, you need to deploy these types of content. There is no other way than to read more and practice to write better content.

If you don’t have the ability to write good content, it’s best to hire & issue a specific request for the writer as well as check the handover content from the writer to see if it meets the requirement. You need to test many writers to get good writers.

With good content, you can use paid traffic to bring immediate profit for your website.

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